What is truthy and falsy value in javascript?

In javascript truthy and falsy values are:

Truthy values


Falsy values


What is the difference between double equal (==) or triple equal (===)

In javascript language double equal check only value but triple equal check…

Is it farmwork or a library?

Every React developer 1st knows that react.js is a library of Javascript. It’s not exactly a framework. React focuses on one thing that is building user interfaces. extremely easy to mix it with other 3rd party libraries. …

This post covers some basic concepts in JavaScript. Every JavaScript programmer must know and master these.

1. understanding Scope:

A simple definition for a scope in JavaScript:

The scope is the accessibility of variables, functions, and objects in some particular part of your code during runtime. In other words, scope determines the visibility of variables and other resources in areas of your code.

As per the above definition of Scope, So, the point is limiting the visibility of variables and not having everything available everywhere in your code.


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